OAB Download Error

I recently completed a migration from Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016 and after the Exchange 2013 server was uninstalled that’s when the issues with OAB started. I confirmed that all the mailbox databases were set with the Offline Address Book.

I confirmed that the OAB Virtual Directory was set with the correct URL.

I ran the Outlook Test Email AutoConfiguration and noticed that in the output it didn’t have a line for OAB.

It turns out that the Offline Address Book needed to be set for Global Web Distribution.

Now when I check the OAB both the Web Distribution settings have been enabled.

You will need to perform an IISreset for the settings to be applied.


ADFS Expired Certificate

The following event log on the ADFS server indicates the SSL certificate has expired:

ADFS Management Console shows the certificates:

Running the following command we can see the certificate settings for ADFS:

I changed the settings to Auto Rollover and have a certificate duration for 3 years.

Looking at the ADFS certificates now shows the decrypting certificate has been updated.

Without restarting any services the issue has been resolved.