Exchange Online

Data Consistency Score

Microsoft recently announced improvements in mailbox move requests with something call Data Consistency Score. It is meant to prevent you from setting the bad items to a high number like 5000.

Improving Migrations Using Data Consistency Scoring – Microsoft Tech Community – 1105920

I started not to set any bad item limits and let the new feature go to work. After a few batches it all worked and I was impressed. Last night I hit a snag where the move request was stuck and wouldn’t complete. The move request statistics was stuck on Synced.

I was required to check the migration user to find the data consistency was set to Investigate:

I was required to set the migration user in Exchange Online to approve skipped items:

After setting this the mailbox completed the move request successfully.


ADConnect Filtering Settings

I was working with a customer that asked if there was a way to export from ADConnect the OU filtering settings. From PowerShell on the server where ADConnect is installed I was able to run the following:

You will need to change the name of the AD domain on the 4th line and the exported text files will be saved to the C:\Export folder.