Health Manager Service Restarts

I was working with a customer who was constantly having the Microsoft Exchange Health Manager service restarting. The problem turned out to be a server monitor override set with a date format that didn’t follow the MM/DD/YYYY format. The override below was set to expire on 16/08/2018 which is (16th August) Managed Availability tried to read this as the 16th month of the year and would crash.

This can happen when the server is configured to use non-US regional settings and the override is populated without the Duration parameter specified. Of course this is only a problem when overrides are created after the 12th day of each month. I guess Microsoft expects all overrides to be applied within the first 12 days of each month for anyone living outside of the US!

In order to fix this you have two options:

  1. Remove the override and add it back.
  2. Edit the override in regedit

Removing a server monitor override is done with the following command:


Using regedit.exe to change an override can be found in:

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